Fred moved to Australia in 194X, moved around a little and settled down in Ongerup Western Australia.
Fred was kept very busy as the local builder, venturing far and wide to the many farms in the area.
A house was built over the old cricket pitch, a plaque marks the pitch to this day..funny that, Fred never had anything to do with cricket.
In 1958 Fred sponsored his sister and family to Emigrate to Australia. He must have had a wry sense of humor as this family of 6 with 4 kids under 6 moved from relative comfort in the English Midlands to this very small town in the middle of the Australian Wheatbelt. Living in a caravan in the shed, until other housing could be found.
The business plans of Fred the carpenter/builder and Merv the electrician never really took off.  Sister Pat and the Grocott family from UK, soon moving out of town.  However the kids grew up having an Uncle Fred and visits were carried out over the ensuing years.
Fred passed away at the Mallee Springs Nursing Home in Gnowangerup in 2009  just a few months short of his 90th birthday.

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